Help shape the future of pediatric cancer care - participate in our survey!

Greetings from UNICA4EU!

We are excited to invite all healthcare professionals engaged in pediatric care to participate in an important survey: Healthcare professionals’ perception on the use of artificial intelligence and digital solutions in pediatrics.

As a continuation of the EU4CHILD project, UNICA4EU aims to understand how AI applications can transform childhood cancer care. We recognize the challenges of data privacy, robustness, interoperability, and collaboration in the digitization of pediatric cancer data. In this pursuit, we’re passionate about leveraging AI to unlock insights from data while respecting ethical, personal, and legal boundaries.

As part of this groundbreaking endeavor, we have launched an anonymous questionnaire to gather insights on the implementation of AI-based solutions in pediatric care. Your perspective will greatly contribute to the development of effective strategies to enhance care for children battling cancer. Rest assured, your responses will remain confidential and will only be utilized for research within the UNICA4EU project.

The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes to complete and includes a series of questions and four clinical scenarios to gather your opinion. We kindly request not to include any personal identifying information in your responses. It will be open until September 30th and the final results will be published by UNICA4EU and also form part of a manuscript to be submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. Your participation is crucial for us to better understand the potential and challenges of AI in pediatric cancer care. We greatly appreciate your invaluable input and contribution to this EU-funded project.

Thank you in advance for helping us shape the future of pediatric care with AI – you can take part in the survey via the link below!

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Introducing UNICA4EU's first set of promotional materials

We are thrilled to announce the release of the first set of promotional material for the UNICA4EU project, conforming to the new visual identity unanimously agreed upon by the project’s consortium.

At the heart of our new visual identity are two key elements that embody the essence of the UNICA4EU project and its logo: the gold ribbon, symbolizing Childhood Cancer and the binary code composed of 1s and 0s, which symbolizes Artificial Intelligence applications and the concept of digital transformation. By incorporating AI into the fight against childhood cancer, we harness the power of innovation and technology to develop cutting-edge solutions. This signifies our dedication to pushing boundaries and exploring new possibilities to improve the lives of young cancer patients.

In crafting our new visual identity, we have carefully chosen a complementary color palette comprising navy blue, purple, and teal. These colors harmoniously accentuate the gold ribbon, lending a sense of sophistication and visual appeal to our promotional materials. Through this palette, we aim to evoke a feeling of hope, resilience, and determination as we work together to make a tangible difference in the lives of children battling cancer.

The first set of promotional material includes a comprehensive slide deck summarizing the UNICA4EU project, a striking roll-up banner, and an informative flyer. These resources serve as vital tools for communicating our vision, objectives, and progress to stakeholders, collaborators, and the wider community. With these materials, we hope to inspire engagement, foster partnerships, and ignite a collective commitment to combating childhood cancer.

Stay tuned for more updates and progress as we forge ahead on this transformative journey. Together, we can make a lasting impact and create a world where every child battling cancer receives the best possible chance for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Together, we can change the future for children with cancer.

Check out UNICA4EU’s promotional materials and many more resources at our dedicated Zenodo repository and through the links below!

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A brand new visual identity

UNICA4EU, a consortium dedicated to leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve outcomes for children with cancer, recently unveiled its complete visual identity. The design was officially adopted during a recent in-person consortium meeting held in Brussels in February 2023.

The visual identity includes comprehensive guidelines for the project's branding assets, such as logo variations, icons, and banners, as well as typography and colour codes. The logo itself is based on two key elements that are intended to communicate the purpose of UNICA4EU and the shared vision of the consortium partners.

The first of these elements is a gold ribbon that represents childhood cancer. This ribbon reflects the community's core purpose and underscores the importance of focusing on children in the fight against cancer. The second element is binary code, consisting of 1s and 0s, which serves as a nod to the role of AI applications and the concept of digital transformation in the UNICA4EU project.

In terms of colour, the UNICA4EU consortium chose a complementary palette of navy blue and gold. The navy blue serves to highlight the gold in the ribbon, while also lending a sense of sophistication and professionalism to the project. The gold, meanwhile, represents the importance of the consortium's work and the hope it holds for improving outcomes for children with cancer.

To further drive home the message of the UNICA4EU project, a tagline was developed: AI for Children with Cancer. This succinct phrase encapsulates the core focus and goals of the consortium, while also helping to build awareness and support for its important work.

The complete visual identity of UNICA4EU serves as a powerful symbol of the consortium's commitment to leveraging AI and digital technologies to improve outcomes for children with cancer. By creating a strong and cohesive visual identity, the consortium is better equipped to build awareness, attract support, and ultimately make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by childhood cancer.



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UNICA4EU kicks off its fight against Childhood Cancer

The beginning of the UNICA4EU project was marked by the publication of its first joint press releasewhich encompasses a summary of all key steps that the consortium must follow in order to reach the ambitious project’s objectives.

Of course, the noble purpose of this project is impossible to ignore. Childhood Cancer represents the leading cause of death from disease for children and teenagers in Europe, with 35,000 children diagnosed every year and over 100 different cancer types to account for. However, the reality remains that our current healthcare systems cannot provide an effective response to these staggering numbers. Unfortunately, for pediatric cancer -a rare disease by definition- these limitations are only magnified: apart from data scarcity and fragmentation (both inherent to rare diseases), we must also ponder the dilemma of data privacy and protection.

Here’s where UNICA4EU comes into play. We advocate for a unique approach for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and data-driven solutions to fight Childhood Cancer in Europe. Our project aims to set the basis of an EU-wide ecosystem that can facilitate the upscaling of AI applications for pediatric cancer in the next ten years and innovate for the better across the EU. This is the driving motivation of our consortium, who thanks to their strong multidisciplinarity, commitment and vast network, has now begun working to turn this vision into reality.

Want to join us in the fight against Childhood Cancer? Read our press release and help us shape the improved European Union Cancer response we desire for our youth. 



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