A crowdsourced ecosystem

A new European AI ecosystem for Pediatric Cancer

At EU4CHILD, we have been working on the vision of a European Pediatric Cancer ecosystem to consider the active and cross-nurturing position of all the profiles across the e-health value chain. AI has the potential to become a game-changer for cancer in the years to come and could unlock the potential to drastically reduce the impact of Childhood Cancer in Europe. And yet, it also brings to the table critical ethical and personal considerations that must be considered

Key facts

Many pediatric cancers are proving to have a genetically distinct component from their adult counterparts, demonstrating the need for childhood-specific genomic studies, datasets and therapeutic strategies

Specificity is the mark

Pediatric cancer has very particular characteristics that must be considered: sudden occurrence, no early symptoms and a high recovery rate (increasing in the last decades)

Early detection is key

In stark contrast to adult cancers, pediatric cancers grow fast and may have already spread to other parts of the body by the time they are diagnosed

Survivors deserve better

Up to 30% of children with cancer suffer severe long-term effects. Comprehensive care, treatment and follow-up are essential to improve their quality of life

Our focus

Childhood cancers are rare diseases. The only effective way to push forward research and ensure better care for children with cancer is through active collaboration, transparent communication and a solid knowledge exchange. We aim to harness the power of AI and real-world data into meaningful applications that can be integrated in the clinical practice to transform the way we diagnose, treat and care for children and adolescents living with cancer

Ensuring equal access to cancer diagnosis and treatment across Europe

Fostering an ethical digital transformation for EU healthcare

Improving outcomes and quality of life for young survivors

Our pillars

Our commitment towards community building, ethical research, patient-centricity, data-driven innovation and knowledge transfer will grow and thrive around three cornerstones: an interactive state-of-the-art, a solid knowledge base and an engaged community around Childhood Cancer

An interactive state-of-the-art

A multi-perspective roadmap to collate the challenges, needs, priorities, mechanisms and tools necessary to implement such an ecosystem

A solid knowledge base

An information exchange hub for access, data collection and storage of available datasets, solutions, crowdsourced assets and innovation tools

An engaged community

We seek to connect key stakeholders in Childhood Cancer and AI to facilitate their interaction and develop new working streams with digital initiatives in the healthcare realm

Our framework

A single access point to boost knowledge exchange and collaboration: our one stop portal will host and curate a EU wide knowledge base for Childhood Cancer, providing insights on the disease and liaising future opportunities for collaboration

FosteringOpen Innovation


Top AI performanceand quality

A sound datastrategy

Our ambition

We are interacting with key people -like you- to understand their needs and views on the usefulness of a potential AI-based platform for Childhood Cancer. Through EU4CHILD’s fieldwork, we aim to identify ongoing topics and potential barriers in the uptake of AI solutions for the diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and care of Childhood Cancer.

Survivors , children and adolescents living with cancer

Caregivers of children and adolescents living with cancer

Clinicians working on pediatric oncology

Healthcare providers and decision-makers

AI experts, IT companies and research organizations

Policy makers, regulators and standardization bodies