A unique European visionfor Artificial Intelligenceto fight Childhood Cancer

Join us in the fight against Childhood Cancer!

We are a EU-funded initiative with a clear goal: map the current landscape of Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications for Childhood Cancer to understand how AI can help improve care pathways in the EU. A one-stop portal to host and curate resources and insights on Childhood Cancer and liaise future opportunities to expand the reach and uptake of clinical AI applications

A Knowledge Base for Pediatric Cancer

Are you a healthcare professional, AI expert or a policy maker? We are glad to present UNICA4EU’s Knowledge Base! Our Knowledge Base is a framework created to centralize all initiatives, datasets and AI and data solutions for pediatric cancer across Europe. It acts as a main hub to access information, enabling data sharing and integration, together with the exploration of opportunities among all related stakeholders.

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Our vision

The patient pathway in Childhood Cancer (from diagnosis to treatment and all through to survivorship) is extremely complex and individualised. Despite the tremendous efforts made to set up specific clinical and research frameworks that address the needs of children and young people with cancer, the fact remains that Childhood Cancer is a rare disease.

As such, unconnected data silos still exist and this fragmentation is often caused by the lack of a common approach for the definition, application and interconnection of data in the healthcare realm. We believe AI can be key in bringing a solution to these challenges.

A unique access point

The gateway to a brand new European Pediatric Cancer Ecosystem for developing and upscaling the application of Artificial Intelligence solutions on Childhood Cancer

Unlocking the potential of AI

A set of bespoke use cases, best practices and guidelines for secure AI interventions in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of Childhood Cancer

One community

A strong, diverse community to share knowledge, nurture collaboration and harmonize clinical and technical perspectives in pediatric cancer pathways

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Why Childhood Cancer?

Childhood Cancer represents the leading cause of death from disease for children and teenagers in Europe, with 35,000 children diagnosed every year from over 100 different cancer types. Extending beyond treatment into survivorship, there are more than 500,000 pediatric cancer survivors in the EU alone, and almost two-thirds of them have to live with severe long-term side effects that impact on their daily lives


children diagnosed every year


different cancer types


young survivors in the EU

Our commitment

Europe’s Cancer Plan and the Helping Children with Cancer initiative are committed to ensuring that children have access to rapid and optimal cancer detection, diagnosis, treatment and care throughout Europe. This ambition will be realized through an extensive network of cancer centres to extend and complement the European Reference Networks for Paediatric Cancer (ERN PaedCan)

Europe's BeatingCancer Plan

Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan aims to prevent cancer and ensure that cancer patients, survivors, their families and carers can enjoy a high quality of life. Through a series of actions and flagship initiatives covering the entire disease pathway, the Plan promotes digitalisation, research and innovation as key drivers to help EU countries turn the tide against cancer

The Helping Childrenwith Cancer initiative

The Helping Children with Cancer Initiative has been launched to ensure that children have access to rapid and optimal detection, diagnosis, treatment and care. It supports training and sharing of best practices and standards of care for children with cancer, complementing the actions already put in place by the new European Reference Networks

The power of working together

Collaboration is at the very core of UNICA4EU: our team brings together medical and research institutions working on Childhood Cancer, patient, parents and survivor advocacates, cutting-edge expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, bioinformatics and computational biology, and experts in community building and impact creation


medical/research institutions for pediatric oncology


AI/ML experts and bioinformaticians


reference networks for Childhood Cancer in Europe


community building and impact creation experts

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