The latest face-to-face consortium meeting of UNICA4EU was held in Brussels on the 17th of July, bringing together the thought leaders, domain experts, and stakeholder representatives that make up our esteemed consortium to discuss key developments in the project. The high-intensity dialogue reflected the shared passion and commitment of the partners to drive transformational change in the healthcare landscape.

A critical part of the day’s discussion was steered by coordinator SIOPE, leading the deliberation on potential publications and the long-term sustainability of the project. As we delve deeper into our mission, we remain committed to not just implementing ground-breaking research but also ensuring its sustainability and impact. The consortium explored the potential avenues for publication, thereby amplifying the project’s reach and scope.

In a particularly anticipated segment of the meeting, UPM gave a live demonstration of UNICA4EU’s knowledge base, showcasing how our information repository has grown and developed. It was exciting to witness the extensive knowledge base, which stands as a testament to the collective learning and shared experience of the consortium. The demonstration proved inspiring and productive, sparking a variety of constructive conversations on the project’s advancement.

The next steps for stakeholder consultation were also discussed with much enthusiasm and optimism. Our colleagues at CCI Europe will spearhead focus groups with patients, creating an open forum for feedback and suggestions. We believe that the end-users’ perspective is invaluable in shaping an empathetic and effective solution. In parallel, IFIC will be conducting fieldwork interviews to gather nuanced insights from those on the frontline of healthcare. Simultaneously, CCRI will drive community building with related initiatives and projects, fostering a strong network of shared goals and mutual support.

In addition to these steps, there are more exiting news on the horizon, such as the upcoming launch of a survey for healthcare professionals. This will be an invaluable opportunity for professionals within the industry to share their insights and contribute to the project. We eagerly anticipate the valuable insights and perspectives this will bring, further enhancing our work’s impact and relevance.

The Brussels meeting marked another significant milestone for the UNICA4EU project, underlining our unwavering commitment to drive change. We look forward to the journey ahead with continued collaboration and innovation, as we work tirelessly to deliver on our vision for a transformed and empowered childhood cancer care.

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