We are delighted to share that the UNICA4EU project made a significant impact at the 23rd International Conference on Integrated Care (ICIC23), held in Antwerp, Flanders from May 22nd to 24th, 2023. Presented by our esteemed consortium partner, the International Foundation for Integrated Care (IFIC), this conference brought together leaders, researchers, clinicians, managers, citizens, patients, and caregivers from around the world dedicated to advancing integrated health and social care.

Under the theme of “Care in action: how to work together, a participatory approach,” ICIC23 provided a platform for exchanging ideas and sharing best practices in the design and delivery of integrated care. UNICA4EU’s innovative approach, leveraging artificial intelligence and digital transformation to improve childhood cancer care, resonated deeply with the conference’s mission.

As a hybrid event, ICIC23 offered both in-person and virtual participation, ensuring inclusivity and global engagement. Through IFIC’s presentation during the EU Projects Networking dedicated session, UNICA4EU had the opportunity to connect with researchers, healthcare professionals, policymakers, and advocates who share our commitment to enhancing the lives of children with cancer.

Participating in ICIC23 reinforced our dedication to collaborative and participatory approaches, aligning with the conference’s core theme. By actively engaging with experts in integrated care, we gained valuable insights that will drive our ongoing efforts to develop holistic, patient-centered solutions.

The UNICA4EU project continues to strive towards revolutionizing childhood cancer care through the integration of AI and digital innovation. Together with our consortium partners, we remain committed to advancing integrated care for the benefit of children with cancer worldwide.