Last week, the UNICA4EU project was proudly presented at the esteemed 4th SIOP Europe Annual Meeting, held in Valencia from 8th to 12th May 2023. This significant event brought together a wide range of stakeholders committed to addressing crucial issues faced by children and adolescents with cancer.

The SIOP Europe Annual Meeting serves as a unique platform for key stakeholders to engage in interactive discussions, focusing on the current priorities and needs within the field of childhood cancers. By fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange, this meeting plays a pivotal role in advancing research, care, and education for young cancer patients.

In line with SIOPE’s dedication to comprehensive and inclusive initiatives, the Annual Meeting was organized in partnership with CCI Europe. Both SIOPE and CCI Europe are part of the UNICA4EU consortium and their collaboration ensures the active involvement and representation of childhood cancer parents and survivors, amplifying their voices and perspectives in shaping the future of pediatric oncology, both in the medical field and the context of the project.

What sets the SIOP Europe Annual Meeting apart is its innovative session formats, interactive workshops, and forums, empowering working groups to deliberate and disseminate outcomes from high-quality clinical and basic research conducted across Europe. By merging research, care, and education, SIOP Europe and the European community of health professionals are committed to two primary goals for the next decade: increasing cure rates and improving the quality of life for children with cancer.

The meeting program featured a diverse range of sessions, including presentations from 16 European Clinical Trial Groups, each specializing in specific tumor types or diseases. These groups held open and joint sessions, fostering collaboration and the exchange of best practices among European and international cooperative groups. Topics covered during the meeting encompassed recent clinical trial outcomes, advancements in diagnosis and therapy for various pediatric cancers, guideline presentations, debates on artificial intelligence, childhood cancer epidemiology, drug safety, radiation oncology, data protection, and sessions dedicated to communication and patient involvement, co-organized by our esteemed partner CCI Europe.

We are honored to have had the opportunity to showcase the UNICA4EU project at this prominent event, where we shared our vision, objectives, and progress with a diverse audience of experts, researchers, clinicians, and advocates. The engagement and enthusiasm generated during the SIOP Europe Annual Meeting have further solidified our commitment to leveraging AI and innovative technology to improve outcomes and provide hope for children with cancer.